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What is the meaning of the name David

The name David is commonly a male name from the "Hebrew" origin that means "Beloved".

Pronunciation of the name David

The pronunciation of the name David is DAY vid, da VEED

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Daaron (Hebrew), Dabi (Hebrew), Dabit (Hebrew), Daean (Hebrew), Daeved (Hebrew), Daevid (Hebrew), Daevyd (Hebrew), Dafid (Hebrew), Dafidd (Hebrew), Dafyd (Hebrew), Dago (Hebrew), Dagon (Hebrew), Daian (Hebrew), Daie (Hebrew), Daived (Hebrew),

Numerology of the name David

Lucky Number: 4
Logical and organized, 4s appreciate structure in their lives. They are good at paying attention to detail, which would help when working as scientists or managers!


Meaning of David

Famous People Named David

David Aaron Baker (Actor), David Aaron Clark (Director, Actor, Writer), David Aaronovitch (Producer, Actor, Writer), David Achkar (Director, Actor, Writer), David Ackles (Actor, Writer), David Ackroyd (Actor), David Adamson (Actor), David Agiashvili (Producer, Actor), David Agresta (Actor), David Alan Bailey (Actor), David Alan Basche (Actor, Director, Producer), David Alan Grier (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Albahari (Writer, Director), David Albala (Director, Writer), David Aldrich (Actor), David Allen Brooks (Actor), David Allsberry (Actor), David Alpert (Actor), David Ambrose (Writer, Director), David Ambrose (Actor), David Amos (Actor, Producer), David Andrews (Director, Actor, Writer), David Andriole (Actor, Producer), David Angell (Writer, Producer), David Ankrum (Actor, Writer), David Anspaugh (Producer, Director), David Ardao (Actor), David Argue (Actor, Writer), David Arkin (Actor), David Arlen (Actor), David Armin-Parcells (Actor), David Armstrong (Actor), David Arnaiz (Actor), David Arquette (Producer, Actor, Director), David Arrow (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Ashford (Actor), David Ashrow (Actor), David Askey (Director, Producer, Actor), David Astor (Actor), David Atkins (Actor, Director), David Atkinson (Actor), David Attenborough (Writer, Producer, Director), David Attwood (Director), David Aukin (Producer, Actor), David Avadon (Actor), David Avallone (Director, Actor), David Avalon (Actor), David Avidan (Director, Writer, Actor), David Axlerod (Writer), David Ayer (Writer, Producer, Director), David Ayers (Actor), David Aylmer (Actor), David Bachman (Actor), David Bacon (Actor), David Baddiel (Writer, Actor), David Bailey (Director, Producer, Writer), David Bailey (Actor), David Bair (Actor), David Baldacci (Writer, Producer), David Baltimore (Writer), David Bamber (Actor), David Barclay (Actor, Producer), David Barrett (Actor), David Barrouk (Actor, Director, Writer), David Barry (Actor, Writer), David Bartlett (Director, Writer, Actor), David Baruch (Actor), David Bateson (Actor), David Baughn (Writer, Producer), David Baxter (Actor), David Beach (Actor), David Beaird (Writer, Producer, Director), David Beale (Actor), David Beckham (Actor, Writer), David Bedell (Actor), David Beecroft (Actor), David Belafonte (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Bell (Producer, Director), David Bellamy (Actor), David Benedictus (Writer, Director), David Bennett (Actor), David Bercovici-Artieda (Producer), David Berglas (Actor), David Berman (Actor), David Berridge (Actor), David Bexelius (Actor), David Bickford (Actor), David Bilcock (Director, Actor), David Birks (Actor), David Birney (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Bjerre (Writer, Director), David Black (Writer, Producer), David Blackburn (Producer), David Blacker (Actor), David Blaine (Producer, Actor, Writer), David Blair (Actor), David Blangsted (Producer), David Blocker (Producer), David Blue (Actor), David Boati (Actor), David Bohn (Actor), David Boisseau (Director, Producer, Writer), David Boliver (Actor), David Bolt (Actor), David Bond (Actor), David Boone (Actor, Director), David Boreanaz (Actor, Producer, Director), David Boucher (Actor), David Bowie (Actor), David Bowles (Actor, Producer, Writer), David Boyce (Actor), David Bracknell (Director, Writer), David Bradbury (Director, Producer), David Bradley (Director, Actor, Producer), David Bradley (Actor), David Bradley (Actor), David Bradley (Actor, Writer), David Brainard (Actor, Director), David Braithwaite (Producer), David Brazil (Actor), David Breashears (Producer), David Brécourt (Actor), David Brenner (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Brian (Actor, Writer), David Brian Alley (Actor), David Brinkley (Writer, Actor), David Brisbin (Actor, Writer), David Broadnax (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Broder (Producer), David Broderson (Director), David Brookwell (Producer, Writer), David Brotsky (Producer), David Browning (Actor), David Bruce (Actor), David Brummel (Actor), David Bryan (Actor), David Bryant (Actor), David Buck (Actor, Writer), David Bulasky (Actor), David Bunners (Actor, Producer, Director), David Burke (Actor), David Burke (Actor, Writer), David Burris (Producer, Writer, Director), David Burtka (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Butler (Writer, Actor), David Byrd (Actor), David Byrne (Actor), David C. Anderson (Producer), David C. Cobb (Writer, Actor), David Cadiente (Actor), David Calderisi (Actor), David Calek (Director), David Callegati (Actor), David Cameron (Actor, Director, Writer), David Campbell (Producer, Writer), David Campbell (Actor, Producer), David Campton (Writer, Actor), David Canary (Actor), David Cannizzarro (Actor), David Capey (Producer), David Caprita (Actor), David Cardoso (Actor, Producer, Director), David Cardoso Jr. (Actor), David Carey (Actor), David Cargill (Actor), David Cargo (Actor), David Carlile (Actor), David Carpenter (Actor), David Carradine (Actor, Producer), David Carroll (Actor), David Carter (Writer, Producer), David Caruso (Actor, Producer), David Cash (Actor), David Cassidy (Actor), David Castillo (Actor), David Cesmeci (Actor), David Chamberlain (Actor, Writer), David Chameides (Director), David Chandler (Actor, Writer), David Charvet (Actor), David Chase (Producer, Writer), David Cherkasskiy (Director, Writer), David Chiang (Actor, Director, Producer), David Chisum (Actor), David Chivers (Actor), David Cho (Actor, Producer), David Chokachi (Actor, Producer), David Chow (Actor), David Christopher (Director, Actor, Producer), David Christopher (Actor), David Chung (Actor), David Claessen (Director), David Clark (Actor), David Cleveland (Director, Actor), David Climie (Writer), David Clover (Actor, Producer), David Cobham (Director, Producer, Writer), David Coburn (Actor, Writer), David Cole (Actor), David Coleman (Actor, Producer), David Collings (Actor), David Collins (Actor), David Colloff (Actor), David Colmans (Actor), David Colson (Writer, Actor), David Combes (Actor), David Commons (Director), David Cone (Actor), David Connell (Actor), David Connella (Actor), David Conrad (Actor), David Conroy (Producer), David Conville (Actor, Writer), David Cook (Actor, Writer), David Coote (Actor), David Copperfield (Director, Producer, Writer), David Cota (Actor), David Coughlin (Actor), David Court (Producer), David Courtney (Actor), David Covarrubias (Producer), David Coverdale (Actor), David Cowgill (Actor), David Cramer (Actor, Writer), David Crane (Writer, Producer), David Cregg (Actor), David Croft (Writer, Producer, Director), David Cromwell (Actor), David Cronenberg (Director, Actor, Writer), David Cronnelly (Actor), David Crosby (Actor), David Cross (Actor), David Cross (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Crosse (Actor), David Crowther (Producer), David Crum (Actor, Producer), David Cryer (Actor), David Cubedo (Actor), David Cubitt (Actor, Producer), David Cullinane (Actor), David Cunliffe (Producer, Director), David Cypkin (Producer), David D\u0027Arnal (Actor), David Dahl (Actor), David Daker (Actor), David Dalzell (Actor), David Daniels (Actor), David Daniels (Actor), David Dannehl (Actor), David Davenport (Actor), David Davidse (Actor), David Davies (Actor), David De Haven (Actor), David de Keyser (Actor), David De Mering (Actor), David Dean Bottrell (Actor, Writer, Director), David Diaan (Actor, Producer, Director), David Diliberto (Producer), David Duchovny (Actor, Producer, Director), David E. Baker (Actor, Producer), David E. Blewitt (Producer), David E. Kelley (Writer, Producer), David Elliott (Actor), David Faustino (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Fincher (Producer, Director, Actor), David Fine (Actor, Producer), David G.B. Brown (Writer), David Grubka (Actor), David Gurfinkel (Writer), David Hare (Writer, Director, Producer), David Hasselhoff (Actor, Producer, Writer), David Hockney (Actor), David Hyde Pierce (Actor, Writer), David J. Burke (Producer, Writer), David James Elliott (Actor, Producer, Director), David Jensen (Actor, Producer), David Joss Buckley (Writer, Actor, Producer), David Keith (Actor, Director), David L. Corrigan (Producer, Actor, Writer), David L. Cunningham (Director, Producer, Writer), David L. Lander (Actor, Writer), David Lain Baker (Actor), David Lee Bynum (Actor), David Letterman (Writer, Producer, Actor), David Lloyd Austin (Actor), David Lynch (Writer, Director, Producer), David M. Barsky (Producer), David M. Chisholm (Producer), David Mamet (Writer, Producer, Director), David Mason Daniels (Actor), David Max Steinberg (Producer, Director), David McKail (Actor), David Morse (Actor, Director, Producer), David Niven (Actor, Producer), David Ogden Stiers (Actor, Director), David Oliver Cohen (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Paymer (Actor, Director, Producer), David Peters (Producer), David Price (Director, Actor, Producer), David Prowse (Actor), David Schwimmer (Actor, Director, Producer), David Spade (Actor, Writer, Producer), David Stephens (Producer, Writer), David Strathairn (Actor, Producer), David Sutcliffe (Actor, Director), David T. Chantler (Writer), David Tarleton (Producer, Director), David Thewlis (Actor, Writer), David Tom (Actor), David U. Hodges (Actor), David W. Akin (Actor), David W. Balsiger (Producer, Writer), David W. Rose (Producer, Actor), David Warner (Actor), David Winning (Director, Actor), David Winters (Producer, Actor), David Worth (Director), David X. Cohen (Producer, Writer), David Zucker (Writer, Producer, Director),

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