Zeeshan (Meaning of Zeeshan)

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The name Zeeshan means "Power, Grandeur, Magnificence, Dignity" and is of "Persian" origin.

The Zeeshan name has a total "7" letters, and it starts from the character "Z". It's an attractive name, easy to pronounce, and is primarily considered for baby boy names.

Information about the Name Zeeshan

  • Name

  • Gender

    Boy - Boy Names
  • Meaning

    Power, Grandeur, Magnificence, Dignity
  • Origin

    Persian - Persian Boy Names
  • First Character

    Z - Boy Names that start with Z
  • No of Characters

  • Lucky Number



    People influenced by the number 1 may seem tough on the exterior, but they also have a softer and more charming side. This combination of strength and subtlety means that these people make excellent leaders in life because they can balance both being strong-willed when necessary while still retaining their sense of charm to get what they want from others.
Meaning of Zeeshan

Similar Names Like Zeeshan

  1. Zerxes (Persian origin)
  2. Zerad (Persian origin)
  3. Zerdad (Persian origin)

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